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Appointed  ACO and LE MANS 24 HOURS OFFICIAL PAINTER from June 2013.

Original acrylic paintings dedicated to the 24 hours race are available in the studio.  Preferred subjects are famous cars or memorable race situations. Commissions welcome.

Limited edition prints signed and numbered are on sale in my studio in Le Mans, in the circuit Museum shop, or on demand direct from my email adress


NON limited edition prints may be got as well from Fine Arts America on


Postcards of most of my paintings are available,  each series is printed to a limited number (sizes 18x13 or 16x10 depending the collection ; 13x18 are individually signed and numbered).  ASK FOR DETAILS TO AL7PB@WANADOO.FR


NEW : limited edition collection of cards showing all Le Mans winning cars ; the collection will be updated each year with the last winner.

Nouveau : édition limitée de tous les vainqueurs du Mans en cartes ou planches ; mis à jour chaque année

Set #1 : 18 cards showing all winners from 1999 to 2016

Set #2 : 18 cards showing all winners from 1981 to 1998

Set #3 : 18 cards showing all winners from 1963 to 1980

Set #4 : 15 cards showing all winners from 1939 to 1962

Set #5 to come later : 1923 to 1938 plus the 2018 winner ; to be continued

Any one card alone / la carte seule : 2 euros

Any card set alone : 1e per card / la boite de 18 ou 15 cartes à 1e/carte (18 or 15 euros)

All 4 sets including 70 cards : 0.7 euro per card (49 euros) / toute la collection de 70 cartes à 70 cents/carte (49 euros)

All cars in profile are printed on a black cardboard and varnished (size 16X10). All sets to come with the 2017 winner as a free bonus. Shipping not included.

lmpimés sur carton fort verni format 16x10.  Toute boite fournie avec le vainqueur 2017  gratuit.  Port en sus.

Email to to order any card or for details.  Commandes et informations par email à

1963 - 3:59'59

Quadriptych, overall dimensions 90 cm x 60 cm - acrylics on canvas - Pedro Rodriguez is waiting for the flag in front of his Ferrari

1963 - 4:00'00

Quadriptych, overall dimensions 90 cm x 60 cm - acrylics on canvas - Pedro Rodriguez running across the track to his Ferrari

1963 - 4:00'01

Quadriptych, overall dimensions 90 cm x 60 cm - acrylics on canvas - Pedro Rodriguez  jumping in his Ferrari.

1963 - 4:00'02

Quadriptych, overall dimensions 90 cm x 60 cm - acrylics on canvas - Pedro Rodriguez starting his Ferrari... first. Phil Hill in the Aston Martin has been almost as quick as Pedro.

Ford GT 2017 au Bar du Tertre Rouge

Night, June 2017. A Ford GTE PRO exits the Tertre Rouge corner, preparing for the Mulsanne Straight, not intending to make a stop at the Tertre Rouge bar. Acrylics on canvas . 46 x 33 cm. Original & limited edition prints available.

911 in profile

911 in profile :  your own car and the combination of colors of your choice on commission - Acrylics on canvas or other support ; usual size 46 cm x 33 cm (18 in x 13 in) - 250 euros

Limited edition print of the existing on any support (canvas, paper, aluminum, synthetic glass, wood), signed & numbered, from 39 euros (available in blue, orange, red or bronze)

2015 - Inboard a 919, the Audi chase

2015, Approaching the Dunlop chicane, you are inboard the winning 919 Porsche, chasing the Audi in front which is braking hard to negociate the chicane, while a sister Porsche shows its muscles in your mirrors - Acrylics on canvas size 92 cm x 33 cm (Diptych of two 46 cm x 33 cm canvasses) - Original sold out, reproductions are available

on Fine Art America : 919 paintings for sale

2015, Audi R18

Audi R18 e-tron quattro in high drag aero layout (Silverstone 2015) heading towards you at 200mph. Acrylics on canvas 116 cm x 81 cm. Original and prints available

2014, Pits Straight, Night

A LMP1 prepares overtaking a GT at the exit of the Ford chicane, during the night of the 2014 race. Acrylics on canvas 46cm x 33cm. Original sold out

2014, Red Gloves in a 911

You are driving a classic 911 Porsche on the pit straight of Le Mans race circuit. A sister car far ahead approaches the Dunlop curves. Acrylics on canvas - Size 55 cm x 38 cm - Original sold out. Prints are available

1979, Paul Newman's Porsche & The Hawaiian Tropic Girls

Barbour-Newman-Stommelen 935k3 Kremer Porsche - 2nd overall in 1979 - An iconic view of Le Mans 24 Hours scenography

Acrylics on canvas (55 x 38 cm)

1968, the Start

A bunch of 908 Porsche is on pole position, but ultimately a Ford Gt40 will win ; Acrylics on canvas, size 65 cm x 46 cm

2014, Tertre rouge, the Danish Aston Martin

2014, A Marshall is flagging cars in the far as the Gulf livery Danish Aston Martin exits the Tertre Rouge. Acrylics on canvas 65 cm x 46 cm

2013 - One lap to go

Le Mans 24 hours 2013, Still one lap before the flag. Acrylics on canvas - 65 cm x 50 cm

Original sold out to a Le Mans multi-winner driver ; reproductions available

1991- Jaguar XJR12

Deep purple - Le Mans 24 Hours , 1991.  Acrylics on canvas, 60 x 30 cm.

One of the three XJR12 Jags which were surprinsingly defeated by the Mazda in 1991. This one, driven by the late Bob Wollek, Teo Fabi and Kenny Acheson, finished on the podium.

1968 - Ford GT40, Sunday morning

Sunday, 29th of September 1968, 11h30 a.m. The winning GT40 passes the scene of the accident of Mauro Bianchi's Alpine which took fire in the Tertre Rouge Esses. His brother Lucien is at the wheel of the GT40, which he shared with Pedro Rodriguez. 

I tried to render the dramatic atmosphere on this acrylics painting on canvas (65 x46 cm). The original as well as limited edition reproductions are available

1965 Dancing Cobra

The Shelby Cobra of Dan Gurney and Jerry Grant in the Tertre Rouge Esses at dusk when dancers are preparing for the night ball - Acrylics on canvas - 65 x 46 cm

1961 Refuelling or not ?

1961 - Olivier Gendebien and  Phil Hill Ferrari en route to the victory. Acrylics on canvas 73 x 54 cm.  The original as well as limited edition reproductions (Giclée prints) are available.

1962 - 4:01pm, the race is started

June 13th, 1962, 4:01pm. The flag is just down and the cars are passing under the Dunlop bridge in a noise of thunder and in a cloud of dust and exhaust fumes ; The 250 GTO #22 of Eldé-Beurlys which will ultimately finish on the podium is chasing a Ferrari Breadvan and 2 other Ferraris, passing between a Maserati tipo 151 and a Sunbeam Alpine; on the left side, a couple of Porsche is following another Sunbeam and another Maserati - Acrylics on canvas, 55 x 46cm, painted in 2010. The original as well as limited edition reproductions are available.

1955 - Tertre Rouge evening light

The Duncan Hamilton's Jag D, understeering at the exit of Tertre Rouge corner, has just overtaken a Cunningham -  Acrylics on canvas 65 x 46cm, painted in 2011. The original as well as limited edition reproductions are available.

2005 - Aston-Martin DBR9 in the pits

The Aston Martin DBR9 #59 of Brabham-Sarrazin-Turner is waiting in the pits for the green light which will open the first qualifying session of the Race, Wednesday, the 15th of June, 2005. Acrylics painted in 2010 - 73 x 50 cm. The original as well as limited edition reproductions are available.

2011 - Corvette

The Corvette of the Larbre competition team comes trough the Dunlop chicane. Acrylics on canvas ; 81 cm x 54cm

Painting commissioned in 2011. Reproductions available

1965 - Ready to roar

The V8 Ford engine installed in a Ford Mk2 prepared by Shelby American in 1965. This is the engine of the car of the second row in the central column of the GT40 poster shown in the POSTERS section.  Acrylics on canvas - 61 x 46 cm, painted in 2011. The original as well as limited edition reproductions are available.

2012 - Ferrari F458

A commissioned work: close up on the Ferrari of the Krohn team  -  Acrylics on canvas 80 x 80 cm

2003 - Bentley on the Mulsanne straight

Saturday 14th of June, 2003. Lonesome Tom Kristensen's Bentley on the Mulsanne straight at dusk just before the 08:11 pm pit stop. Acrylics on paper, size approx. 60cm x 40cm - The original was sold out in 2004 as soon as exhibited but reproductions on a limited edition basis are still available

2010. Hunaudieres night train

The Tertre Rouge corner exit in the dark, the Hunaudieres in front.

Acrylics on canvas 65 x 46cm, painted in 2011. The original has been sold out but limited edition reproductions are available.

1967 - Ferrari 330P3 & Ford MK4

1967 was the year of one of the most enjoyable Race : the competition between the 330 P3 of the Italian artisan Ferrari -one of the most beautiful car of the era, if not the most- and the Ford Mk4 -the ultimate winner- of the largest car maker of the time led to the greatest fight of the century. A profile of the 2 cars was painted with acrylics on a black paper ; the original as well as limited edition reproductions have been sold out ; size approx 30 x 42 cm.

2014 - Our mission, Our return

2014 - Night, a Porsche 919 flirting with the kerbs in the forest - Acrylics on canvas - 100 x 100 cm - Original sold out

1971- Butterfly 917

This commissioned painting is the result of a tight collaboration between the Client and the Artist. Acrylics on canvas, 60 x 60 cm.

A good compromise between the wishes of the Client who wanted an illustration of the all-record 1971 Martini Porsche 917 driven by two Dutch drivers and a butterfly motivated by a nature-lover spouse.

1971 - Ferrari 512M in the forest

1971, Arnage, in the forest

Posey-Adamowicz NART Ferrari 512 M being chased by the future winner 917k Porsche - Acrylics on canvas, 73cm x 50cm

2011 - The good and the bad (or the other way round)

Audi v/s Peugeot  on the Spa toboggan, summer 2011 .  Acrylics on canvas 81 x 54 cm - The original has been sold out but limited edition reproductions are available.

1970 - Elford vs Siffert - 917L vs 917K

 Vic Elford vs Seppi Siffert, a Porsche 917 Lang Heck vs a 917 Kurz Heck in Arnage corner, 1970 ;  Acrylics on canvas, 81 cm x 54 cm. The original and Giclée prints are available

1970 - Le Mans Movie making

Sunlights, Mitchell camera, Porsche 917, McQueen, all the ingredients of Le Mans legend on this evocative canvas - Acrylics - 65 x 46 cm

1968 - Sunday morning, Matra at Arnage

Sunday morning, September 1968, after a rainy night the sun is back: the Matra 630 comes tru the Arnage corner for the last time before a puncture terminates its heroic race.  Acrylics on canvas 73cm x 50 cm.  The original as well as Giclée prints are available.

1991 - The winning Mazda, Sunday early morning

1991, Sunday morning: ten hours later, the Mazda 787 will reach an unexpected glory. Acrylics on canvas 65 cm x 46cm - Original sold out - prints available

2012 - Dunlop bridge at night

Here the subject is the bridge, not the cars, Acrylics on canvas - 73 x 50 cm