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How to get stickers for your car and more, in french                                                 

One of the best sites dedicated to Prototypes:                                                           

The Roaring Forties, one of the best GT40 websites                                               

GT40s dot com, an other good one:                                                                             

The best Gallery dedicated to automotive art in Paris ?:                                          

A good site in french related to endurance racing:                                                    

A lap of the old LM circuit in Mike Hawthorn Jaguar in 1956:                                  

A lap of the old LM circuit in a 936 Martini Porsche in 1977:                                   

A lap of the old Spa with L.Bianchi in a 1962 Aston Martin:                                     

A lap of the old LM circuit in a Ford GT40 in 1969:                                                    

A good endurance related blog:                                                                                    

Le Mans local muscle car fan club, in french                                                               

A good Bed and Breakfast close to the race track