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Herebelow samples of the Formula 1 car paintings from which the reproductions -as referred in the F1 posters section- are made; there are approx. 190 different cars of this type (Acrylics on white paper, size 21x30 or 30x42 cm)

Canadian GP 2012

One of the last Hamilton win at the wheel of a McLaren

acrylics on canvas - 73 x54 cm - oct.2012

All Champion helmets

NEW  !   All F1 championship winner helmets from 1950 ; A new updated version has been painted and a limited edition is being printed again. Acrylics on paper, 70x50cm  (with or without legends, your choice)

1956, #10.Lancia D50
1961, #18.Ferrari 156
1963, #23.Lotus 25 Coventry Climax
1969, #43.Matra MS80 Ford
1970, #46.BRM P153
1972, #52.McLaren M19a Ford
1975, #61 Hesketh 308 Ford
1978, #75.Brabham BT46 Alfa-Romeo
1981, #85.Talbot-Ligier JS17 Matra
1983, #96.Williams FW08C Ford
1983, #98.Renault RE40
1984, #103 Williams FW09 Honda
1987, #114.Lotus 99T Honda
1991, #128.Benetton 191 Ford
1998, #149.Ferrari F300
1998, #151.Jordan 198 Mugen Honda
2000, #156.McLaren MP4-15 Ilmor
2003, #164.Ferrari F2003GA
2008, #180.Toro Rosso ST03 Ferrari
2009, #182.Brawn GP001
Is the driver's heaven blue ?

Tribute to Ayrton  - acrylics on paper 15 x 21 cm

N.Mansell close up

N.Mansell close up (Acrylics on 57x37 board , framed original)

sold out (no copies left)


N.Piquet close-up

N.Piquet close-up, (Acrylics on a 46x37 board, framed original) - The last of a series including N.Mansell, A.Prost, J.Alesi, A.Senna,... sold out.

Fugacious Formula 1

Forgotten 2003 Formula One teams: Butterflies are dead

Acrylics on black paper, on sale at Galerie Vitesse

Noses and nostrils

Nose. n. member of face or head placed above mouth containing nostrils & serving as organ of smell....etc.  (Oxford dictionnary)

Acrylics on black paper, 42x30cm - 2011 -Sold out - No copies left