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The posters of all the F1 winning cars from 1950:

Design  Your  Own  Poster  by selecting a combination of illustrations (e.g. all the 1993 winners or any other year, or all the winners of a specific team, or any other combination). See examples below.

Jus send an email to        al7pb @ wanadoo . fr      to specify your personal selection and get a quote by return. 

Click on the Alfa-Romeo pic above to see the list of available cars  

Each poster will be designed to your wishes, individually signed and numbered (glossy paper 250 gr/m2, size 63 x 43 cm as shown but size may differ v/s year and number of pics).

The collection includes 200 illustrations showing the most famous Formula 1 cars which raced from the start of the world championship in 1950 to now (all the winning cars during the last 62 years)

McLaren all F1 victories

This poster shows the history of the McLaren Formula One team : all the victories of the F1 cars from the first win of Bruce McLaren in 1968 to the last wins of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton in 2012 are listed here below with the respective cars.

This poster has been published in 2013 in the French weekly magazine Auto Hebdo and is shown here as an example of what could be done

Formula 1 GP winning cars - 1993 sample

This is an example of a print showing the winning cars of a year, however any other combination as described above may be supplied

(the 1993 sample shows the cars of the only year when the big Three -Prost, Schumacher, Senna- were competing during the same GP season  -  size of this sample 62 x 43 cm)

45 euros all included (packing, shipping, taxes) for this combination of 3 cars

World champion red cars

F1 World champions RED cars poster - 65 x 46 cm

(will soon be out of print, some copies left, will be updated & reedited, book it now).

60 euros all included (packing, shipping, taxes) 

The book of All the winning F1 cars

All the above mentioned illustrations have been included in Roger Smith book "Formula 1, all the races" the first edition of which has been published by Haynes in March 2012.  A 2nd edition has been issued in 2013.

The 2015 edition is already in preparation.

A little number of books are available with an autographed dedication from the author of the illustrations